Our Mission

Center Stage possABILITIES is a unique 501c3 organization that exists in San Antonio to teach Faith-based values to the group of people with disabilities by creating a community of fellowship and learning through theater.


Hello Center Stage Possabilities families and supporters. As a group who strives to serve our community of people with disabilities, we thought it is a good time to provide an update on our response to the many changes occurring as a result of COVID19 that have impacted CSP, everyone in America and the world. Each family has unique ways to deal with these extraordinary times. Our family is no different. We have had to be intensely creative to help keep our son with special needs provided for and thriving. Because of the structure of our nonprofit group, and the current lack of income and resources, many of our activities have been placed on hold, at this time. We just don't have the ability to continue to maintain both this group and our family. It has been devastating for our son. Many of our members are also missing the opportunity to fellowship with their peers and do something they love. But this doesn't mean that Center Stage Possabilities is ending its mission. We are still exploring ways to develop this group convinced, more now than ever, the extreme value we are to the community of people that we serve. Serving our Lord with the power of His word, through community and theater, means that our next production, Lola and the Big Fish -- HIS show -- WILL go on!!! Stay tuned!!!

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